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April 23, 2017

How to take a Great Back to School Photo!

How to take a Great Back to School Photo!

first day of school picture

Is that time of year again – school starting and first day of school pictures. I still cry every year when schools starts. This year I only have one kid left in school, so sad.

Ok, here we go. How to take great first day of school photo.

Shoot at eye level. When taking a picture of a child, hold the camera still and at eye level. For children, that means stooping down to their level. Don’t be afraid to get down on the floor. The lower you get the more it creates a personal and inviting feelings that pulls the viewer into the picture.

Use a plain background. A plain background shows off the subject you are photographing. When you look through the camera viewfinder, force yourself to study the area surrounding your subject. If the background is too clutter move or have the child move. The image is all about the child not background.

Move in close. If your subject is smaller than a car, take a step or two closer before taking the picture and zoom in on your subject. Your goal is to fill the picture area with the subject you are photographing. Up close you can reveal telling details, like a sprinkle of freckles or an arched eyebrow. But don’t get too close or your pictures will be blurry. The closest focusing distance for most cameras is about three feet, or about one step away from your camera. If you get closer than the closest focusing distance of your camera (see your manual to be sure), your pictures will be blurry.

Watch the light. Next to the subject, the most important part of every picture is the light. It affects the appearance of everything you photograph. Don’t like the light on your subject? Then move yourself or your subject. For children play games and move your subject to better light.

Taking photos from a unique, unexpected angle. This can make them more memorable — it tends to create an illusion of depth or height with the subjects. It also makes the image stand out, since most mobile photos are taken either straight -on or from a bird’s eye view.

Please share your first day of school photos.

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